Quilty Goes Live!

Mary Fons has grown up around quilts her whole life — her Mom, famous quilt educator and author Marianne Fons made sure of that.

But the quilting bug didn't bite Mary until a few years ago. When it did, she wanted to tell everyone she knew how truly incredible it feels to make a quilt. The trouble was that all the people she was telling — her friends, her peers -- were afraid of the process and seemed to think making a quilt was something other people did. But Mary saw the glimmer in their eyes and knew that if there was a way to teach quilting that appealed to them, many of them would dive in.

Enter Quilty!

Quilty is a new online show that seeks to ignite new passion for the American quilt. With humor, zest, and a casual, friendly approach, Mary will teach all the truly newbie or "wannabe" quilters out there how to begin. And it all begins now!

A new episode of Quilty debuts every Wednesday. If you know potential quilters who need inspiration and instruction, if you need a little yourself, or you just want to enjoy a totally original, entertaining show about quilting basics, check out Quilty. We've been working hard to make it special and we sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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