Episode Guide

How to Choose a Quilty Design with Ebony Love
How does a longarm quilter approach a quilt design? How do YOU? Ebony visits the set to teach us all a few things about quilting the quilt. (Episode 317)
Make a Creative Quilt Back
The back of your quilt is as open to your creativity as the front. Mary shows you how big your back should be and offers ideas for fun “surprises” on the flipside. (Episode 316)
This is My Quilt with Marianne Fons
You’ve never seen a quilt quite like this –– and legendary quilter Marianne Fons is responsible. Warning: snakes! (Episode 315)  
Make a Super Star Quilt Block with Ellen Graf
Educator and long-time quilter Ellen Graf joins Mary to go through the assembly of the “Super Star” block. (Episode 314) 
Make a Marble Quilt Block with Patty Young
Mary and Patty discuss Patty’s latest book, Sewing MODKID style, as they demonstrate how to make Patty’s “Marbles” quilt block. (Episode 313)
Cut Half Square Triangles
Learn different ways to cut Half-Square Triangles with Mary Fons! An excellent example of Half-Square Triangles in action is the quilt Good Day Sunshine. (Episode 312)
Make a Houndstooth Quilt!
We LOVE easy blocks like this one — and we love to experiment with patchwork units to create new designs. Hang out with Rebecca and Mary while they play. (Episode 311)
How to Make Quarter Square Triangles
You’ll need “QSTs” again and again in your quilts. Learn what they are and how to make them easily on today’s essential episode. (Episode 310)
Use Triangle Papers with Marianne Fons
Learn a fast and fun way to make a LOT of half square triangles in this fun and useful show. Hello Handsome by Nancy Downey is a fabulous example! (Episode 309) 
Make Cloth Napkins!
Mary demonstrates how to make any dinner table extra special with elegant cloth napkins! (Episode 308)
How to Contrast Your Quilt Blocks
Why does fabric color contrast matter in your quilt top? Mary discusses contrast in a must see episode for all quilting beginners. (Episode 307)
Improv Piecing with Emily Bruzzini Part 2
Have you wondered what Improvisational Piecing is? Mary is joined by Chicago quilter, Emily, to show us all the joy of improvisational piecing. (Episode 306)
Improv Piecing with Emily Bruzzini
Have you wondered what Improvisational Piecing is? Mary is joined by Chicago quilter, Emily, to show us all the joy of improvisational piecing. (Episode 305)
This is My Quilt with Erika Mulvenna
Erika Mulvenna shares her very first “modern” quilt and she and Mary geek out about vintage fabric. (Episode 304)
Make an Airplane Quilt Block
Learn how to make this insanely popular and easy paper-pieced quilt block with Mary and Marianne. (Episode 303)
Make an iPad or Tablet Case
Ebony Love and Mary Fons show you some great quilting ideas for your one-of-a-kind iPad/tablet cover. (Episode 302)
5 Tips for Storing Your Stash and Scraps
Mary shares 5 awesome storage tips for your fabric stash. (Episdoe 301)
This is My Quilt with Shammond Ervin
Mary Fons introduces Shammond Ervin, a very young new quilter, who shares with us his piecing. (Episode 252) 
5 Tips for Building Your Fabric Stash
Mary shares five fabulous tips for building your quilt fabric stash! (Episode 251) 
Quilty Boot Camp...Let's Talk!
Quilty goes on the road! Mary taught a week-long class and interviews her students about what they learned and what advice they have for those who are curious about quilting classes. (Episode 250)
Quilt Postcards!
Watch Mary demonstrate a fun and unique way to personalize postcards with fabric! (Episode 249)
Make Different Types of Diamonds using Half-Square Triangles
Learn how to cut Half-Square Triangles to create a diamond with Mary Fons and Quilty Intern Matt! (Episode 248)
Make a Cracker Jack Quilt Block
Mary Fons shows how to make this super-quick block consisting of triangles and rectangles, called Cracker Jack. (Episode 247)
How to Organize Your Sewing Space
Mary and her younger sister, Rebecca, provide tips for working around your sewing space or studio while keeping safety in mind. (Episode 246)
Quilt Binding with Turning Techniques (Part 3)
Mary Fons and Ebony Love talk about turning the quilt binding with various techniques. (Episdoe 245) 
How to Attach Quilt Binding with Ebony Love (Part 2)
This binding tutorial provides tips and various techniques to make a perfectly finished quilt. (Episode 244)
How to Make Quilt Binding with Ebony Love (Part 1)
Mary challenges Ebony to make us love binding our quilts. (Episode 243)
What is the Quilt Police?
Mary and Rebecca Fons discuss typical "Quilt Police" critiques in this hilarious and educational Quilty episode. (Episode 242) 
Nutrition for Quilters with Mary D'Anza
Being healthy is important to everyone, including quilters. If you find yourself snacking poorly when you are quilting then listen up! (Episode 241) 
Make a Flying Dutchman Quilt Block!
Learn how to make a Flying Dutchman quilt block. (Episode 240)

Top Fabric Marking Tools for Quilters
Mary goes through some of the different fabric marking tools quilters should have in their toolbox. (Episode 239)

How to Set Quilt Pieces on Point
The second of two shows on setting diagonal blocks into your quilt top. Marianne Fons joins Mary to talk about setting quilt pieces with a special tool called the Easy Diagonal Sets Ruler. (Episode 238)

Setting Diagonal Blocks w/Special Guest Marianne Fons
The first of two shows on setting diagonal blocks into your quilt top. Quilty's favorite guest, Marianne Fons, helps explain why we set "on point" and how to do it. You'll be surprised how easy it is...and you'll likely get addicted to setting your quilts diagonally after you watch this episode.(Episode 237)
Figuring A Quilt Block's Diagonal Measurement
This video shows you how to measure or figure the diagonal of a quilt block. You might need to know this if you want to make your own quilt with self made pattern.(Episode 236) 
Improv Quilting with Jacquie Gering
Jacquie Gering has officially charmed the quilt world with her awesome, 21st-century-style quilts. On this episode, Mary checks in with Jacquie about her new book and views not one but TWO incredible Gering creations. She talks about improvisational quilting and piecing in the first quilt which features bridges that were seen all over Chicago.(Episode 235)
5 Tips for Safe Effective Rotary Cutting
Most quilters today use a fabric rotary cutter to get perfectly cut fabric pieces for quilting - and there's a right way and a wrong way to use this serious tool. Learn 5 great tips for rotary cutting safety with Mary and Matt! (Episode 234)
Spinning Star Quilt Blocks with Partial Seams
Does the term "partial seaming" strike fear in your heart? No need to be scared when Mary and Marianne show you how easy it really is. For this cool "Spinning Star" quilt block, partial seams are the key. Check it out! (Episode 233)
What's a Fat Quarter, Anyway?
Ever wonder what that mysterious term means? Mary explains exactly what a fat quarter is, and why you should use them.
(Episode 232)
"This is My Quilt" with Special Guest Carey Friedman
Mary's favorite yoga instructor has a quilt made by his aunt that will blow your mind. On today's episode of "Quilty", view a spectacular, improvisationally-pieced quilt masterpiece as Carey shares its story on the seocial edition of the show called "This is My Quilt."
(Episode 231) 
Blocks-A-Go-Go: Hot Chip Nine Patch Block
Okay so it’s the simplest of blocks to make, but cut those squares little and it’s a chippy chop block. And chose some snappy fabrics and what ya got? Little nine patch blocks I affectionately call Hot Chip! See how to make ‘em scrappy on Quilty! 
(Episode 230)
When a Block Just Isn't Working
Mary reveals a big mistake that taught her a huge lesson. Save yourself hours of work and disappointment and heed the voice of experience.
(Episode 229)

Quilty Fan-Tastic: Do You Pre-Wash Your Fabric?
(Episode 228) 

"Building" A Quilt Block w/Quilty Production Assistant Matt McShan
Where do you find your quilt inspiration? Assistant Matt saw a building in Chicago that was calling out to be realized in patchwork. Learn basic design skills on today's episode as Matt and Mary are "building" a quilt block!!
(Episode 227) 

Buying Fabrics Online - Tips and Info
We love quilt shops and we love shopping online, too. On today's episode of Quilty, Mary talks about the basics of buying fabric online and gives you some pointers about the process. You're already online, right? Check it out!
(Episode 226) 

So, Do You Sell Your Quilts? A Conversation with Marianne Fons
(Episode 225) 

A Tip Top Tip From Marianne in Iowa
Quilters are smart. They find better ways to do all kinds of things. Quilty's "Tip Top" shows feature viewer tips and video from the field. Check out today's tip -- then film yours and send it to us! (Episode 224)

Quilt Copy Cat w/Special Guests Rebecca Fons and Marianne Fons 
Mary and Rebecca want to make a quilt block from a picture. But how do you "copy" a quilt? On this show, Mom shows the girls a thing or two about the very basics of drafting. Don't be scared -- this is easy and super helpful to know.(Episode 223)

Feel The Burn: Quilter Stretch! w/Special Guest Lanay Samuelson, R.N. 
Hey, does your back hurt? Neck and shoulders tense? Quilters sit at sewing machines for hours sometimes and you need to stretch that business out. Nurse Practitioner Samuelson shows us how to feel the (good) burn and relax between patchwork units. This episode is extra awesome! (Episode 222)

Quilty Fan-Tastic: Squaring Up, Borders, and Accuracy" w/Special Guest Marianne Fons (Part 2)
The border bonanza continues as Marianne shows how to make your borders extra pretty instead of just okay. Mary and Marianne enjoy each other's company and the adorable little "mini-quilt" for the demo. (Episode 221)

Fan-Tastic: Squaring Up, Borders, and Accuracy w/Special Guest Marianne Fons (Part 1)
You asked for this show and we're delivering! Mama Fons and Mary talk frankly about "squaring up" a quilt and then show you how to accurately measure borders. A very special baby quilt is used in the demo -- check it out! (Episode 220)

BLOCKS-A-GO-GO: "Shoo Fly"
This block has no curves, but you wouldn't know it. Mary takes on a Depression-era block called "Shoo Fly" and talks a little about seam allowances and how you mustn't fear them. Matt The Intern made the demo block -- it was his first quilt block ever! (Episode 219)

Tip Top 2
Quilters are smart. They find better ways to do all kinds of things. Quilty's "Tip Top" shows feature viewer tips and
video from the field. Check out today's tip -- then film yours and send it to
us! (Episode 218)

Top Five Sewing Machine Questions: ANSWERED" w/Special Guest Linda Rainwater(Part 2)
The conversation with Linda Rainwater, friend and National Training Manager for Baby Lock,continues! You can't miss this show if you own a sewing machine. You do, right? (Episode 217)

Top Five Sewing Machine Questions: ANSWERED with Special Guest Linda Rainwater (Part 1)
On this show, your burning sewing machine questions are answered by Mary's pal and Baby Lock National Training Manager Linda Rainwater - the woman is awesome! Bobbin keep getting boogers? Wondering about maintenance? We are going to help you today on Quilty -- as usual. (Episode 216)

Hold a Strip-Swap-Cutting-Bee-Fabric-Exchange Whatchamacalit
If you have scraps, friends who want to make a quilt, and oh, maybe a glass of wine or good coffee to share, you gotta hold a cutting bee. Learn how on this fabulous episode of Quilty -- with a little help from Love of Quilting. Bonus: Organize your own "cutting bee" and download our free block patterns featured in this episode. (Episode 215)

This is My Quilt: Rebecca Fons
What do you do when you get home with your fabric and all your tools? Getting started on your first quilt can be really tough. Rebecca shows her "quilt" as it stands so far and gets a boost from her sis. (Episode 214)

Blocks-A-Go-Go: A Fabulous Fan Block
A fan block, you say? This Blocks-A-Go-Go episode will show you how to use a handy dandy fan template to make a stunner of a block. Slightly more advanced, but hey! You're learning so much! Check it out today on Quilty. (Episode 213)

This Is My Quilt: With Sophie
She's twelve. She's in 7th grade. And she's a quilter. Check out this AMAZING show and tell with Miss Sophie's incredible Quilts of Valor quilt. (Episoide 212)

Blocks-A-GoGo: Free Trade
This Blocks-a-Go-Go show goes really well with chocolate. It's a star block with a nice little center twist. Mary works this one up with you in warm, rich coffee browns and blacks and admits that you don't always have to lay out each block before you sew it ... Pass the cream and sugar.
(Episode 211)

A Tip Top Tip ... from Matt in Chicago!
Quilters are smart. They find better ways to do all kinds of things. Quilty's "TipTop" shows feature viewer tips and video from the field. Check out today's tip -- then film yours and send it to us! (Episode 210)

Tisket-a-Tasket: Let's Make a Basket with Ebony Love Part 3
Quilters are smart. They find better ways to do all kinds of things. Quilty’s “Tip Top” shows feature viewer. (Episode 209)

Tisket-a-Tasket: Let's Make a Basket with Ebony Love Part 2
Part 2 of our conversation with Ebony Love of LoveBug Studios. (Episoide 208)

Tisket a Tasket: Let's Make a Basket with Ebony Love
Ebony Love of LoveBug Studios joins Mary for a tutorial on appliqué. (Episode 207)  

If this Outfit Were a Quilt
Mary and Rebecca Fons talk about how fashion and style can supply ideas and inspiration for quilt design. (Episode 206) 

I Got Those Happy (Presser) Feet
Mary takes beginning quilters (and those needing a refresher course) through a lesson on several types of presser feet and when (and how) to use them. (Episode 205) 

She's a Brickhouse: Using a Brick Template
The bricks template is a very popular shape in "modern quilts" now. Mary shows how to use the Fon's and Porter brick template to make creating these shapes easy. (Episode 204) 

Quilts of Valor Tutorial with Marianne Fons
Marianne and Mary review the basics of this important program, which provides a slice of home to soldiers overseas. (Episode 203)

We See Your Point: Needle Questions Answered

Learn about the many varieties of sewing and quilting needles. Mary answers questions provided by readers. (Episode 202)

This is My Quilt: Abbey Henning
Mary talks with Abbey, an innovative young qulter who uses  quirky materials to create quilts, including old shirts. (Episode 201)  

Blocks A Go-Go: World's Fair

Take a trip with Mary as she assembles a block for the World's Fair quilt. Along the way, she offers tips that beginning quilters can use to make the job quicker and easier.

String Quilts
Put your fabric scraps to good use creating a string quilt. Follow along as Mary demonstrates how to assemble narrow fabric strips into eye-catching quilt blocks.

Quilts for Kids with Bob Urquhart
Follow along as Mary and Bob discuss the Quilts for Kids program. This nationwide
charity distributes quilts to children in need, such as those in hospitals.

My Quilt" with Special Guest Abbie Hultquist
Abbie made her very first quilt! On this episode of "TIMQ," Mary talks with Chicago florist and sweetie pie Abbie Hultquist about her first creative -- and educational -- foray into quiltmaking. 

The Mighty Quarter-Inch Seam
The quarter-inch seam is the key that unlocks the world of patchwork. You can sew one perfectly and Quilty can help. Learn different ways to sew a great one on this extra funny -- and essential -- show.

Blocks-a-Go-Go: Union Square (Part 2)
The insanity/joy continues with the itty-bitty Union Square Block! Grab a Triangle Trimmer and watch the magic of precision -- Mary's here to help. 

Blocks-a-Go-Go: Union Square (Part 1)
In this episode of Quilty, Mary tackles a tiny version of a stunner block -- because why make things easy? Learn how to use a special Quarter Inch Seam Marker tool to bisect squares for perfect triangles. 

Quilty Fan-Tastic! Chain Piecing
More and more of our Quilty viewers and fans are suggesting awesome show ideas. We’ve decided to call these episodes, “Fan-tastic,” because they’re suggested by fans and yep — they’re fantastic! If you’ve ever wondered exactly what “chain piecing” means when you’re making a quilt, wonder no more. Mary explains and demonstrates what quilters mean when they say “chain piecing” and shows you how it can make your own patchwork go way, way faster. It’s not cutting corners, it’s just working smarter — not harder. Take a look and be changed forever…

Reading a Pattern
If you want to bake a cake you’ve never made before, you look at the recipe, right? Making a new quilt — or any quilt, for that matter — is really no different. You gotta look at that pattern to know how much fabric you need, how to cut your pieces, how to piece it, how to finish it off, etc. On this episode Mary takes you through a pattern step by step, showing you how to read it properly and save yourself heartache later on. It’s a must-see episode for anyone new to the process.

Paper-Piecing Basics, Part 2
The paper-piecing challenge continues! In this episode, Mary picks up right where we left off, “building a block from the back” using the paper-piecing technique that need not scare any beginner. Give yourself some time, some sizeable fabric scraps and a paper-piece pattern and try it out for yourself as Mary takes you through the steps. It’s totally do-able and Quilty is here to prove it. Check out the show and pass it onto anyone who thinks paper-piecing isn’t for them.

Paper-Piecing Basics, Part I
Are you ready for a challenge? More importantly, are you ready to see how a great paper-piecing lesson can make you insane to try and master it?? If the answer is, “Well, sure!” then Quilty viewers, we salute you and cordially invite you to watch today’s episode. Mary’s taking two shows to show you how to make a paper-pieced block, maybe for the first time. Paper-piecing is so great for so many projects and it might just become your new favorite quiltmaking method. We dare you.

Tying a Quilt
We’re definitely advocates of quilting your quilts by hand, machine, or longarmer, but sometimes tying a quilt to finish it is an option that makes sense. (A quick baby quilt comes to mind.) Learn how to prepare a quilt for tying and how tying a quilt works. From start to finish, you’ll see how to tie a quilt in order to get ‘er done fast.

Blocks-a-Go-Go: “Cray Cray 9-Patch”
This block is crazy — or “cray cray,” as they say in the Fons household. A basic 9-patch with a twist is what you’ll get a handle on in this super cool and unique Blocks-A-Go-Go episode. Some pinks and reds and whites in a stack get switched around and whacked to and fro to incredible effect. We swear, it’s really easy. Join Mary and take a lesson in cray cray, only on Quilty.

Seam Rippin’!
Every single quilter, whether they’ve been making quilts for decades or they’ve never picked up so much as a spool of thread, has to rip out a seam sometimes. Did you know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it? Taking out a seam shouldn’t ruin your fabric, your block, or your life. On this episode, Mary shows some common reasons why you might need to take a seam out and the method she was taught for happy, “proper” seam ripping. It’s a ripping good time — come on along for the ride.

Practicing Scales: A Lesson in Prints
Learn to recognize large- and small-scale prints and  how to put that knowledge to good use as you plan your quilting projects.

This is My Quilt — with Tom & James
This is a really good one, you guys. The “This Is My Quilt” series on Quilty features real people talking about real quilts in their lives, their families, their hearts. On today’s episode, Mary is joined by Tom and James as they speak about a stunning quilt made from their retired designer shirts. You’ll be absolutely amazed and thrilled at what a talented quiltmaker did with these fashion memories and you’ll love Tom and James for sure. Check it out now and pass it on!

The Quilty Workshop: Bones for Charlie Murphy
The “Quilty Workshop” is a new addition to the Quilty series. In the workshop, Mary welcomes new quilters for basic lessons on the spot. In this episode, Amanda, Dave, and their rescue pooch Charlie Murphy Superdog are on set for a lesson in representational blocks — and Dave sews his first seam ever! It’s a party on Quilty and we’d love you to come over. Charlie Murphy insists.

WTQ Is Longarming? Part 3
This is final part of Mary Fons' 3-part series on longarm quilting. Explore the features of a longarm machine. [watch-now]

WTQ Is Longarming? Part 2
This is part 2 of Mary Fons' 3-part series on longarm quilting. Explore the features of a longarm machine. [watch-now]

WTQ Is Longarming? Part 1
Newer quilters may have heard of longarm quilting, but maybe not. Many quilts today aren’t actually quilted by the person who does the patchwork — they’re finished by a longarm quilter. Special guests and longarming pros Robbi Joy Eklow and Ebony Love join Mary on location in a real longarm studio! Join us! [watch-now]

Sashing: A Quilter's Best Friend
Mary demonstrates an easy short seam technique to create sashing, long strips of fabric that form inner borders on quilts. The trick: Rather than sewing long seams to add the sashing, "pre-sash" by adding short strips of sashing to individual blocks [watch-now!]  

A Special Guest for Mother’s Day
This episode of Quilty features an adorable felted wool project that you’ll fall in love with. Mary’s mom, famed quilter Marianne Fons, joins the Quilty crew and shows how to make a darling wool heart that you can hang up as a decoration or give as a tiny gift. Learn how to work with wool, how to do a hand blanket-stitch, and discover a good use for all those extra buttons in your junk drawer!  [watch-now]

A Quilt label is your Signature
A quilt label, aside from being a fun project that takes no time at all, gives your quilt historical significance. A quilt label acts as your signature—your timestamp, and can serve as a place for a message to whomever gets to keep your quilt. Learn how to make a quick label on this episode of Quilty—co-starring ... a hippo? Watch and see… [watch-now]

Blocks-A-Go-Go: Sister's Choice!
Those Fons sisters are at it again on Quilty! In this Blocks-A-Go-Go episode, Mary gives Rebecca free reign to make a gorgeous Sister's Choice block from some of her favorite fabrics. Along with learning this classic quilt block, you’ll hear about the importance of neutrals in your color palate, and how important it is to let newbie quilters make the quilts they want to make! You might not agree with all their choices, but they must be inspired by their projects. If you love someone, set them free! [watch-now!] [download PDF instructions]

How Long Did That Take You?
"After they've ooh-ed and ahh-ed, what's the first thing people ask when you show them your latest quilt? Isn't it always, 'How long did that take you??' " People are fascinated by quilts and they want to know all about the time it takes to make one. On today's Quilty episode, Mary and the Quilty crew try to answer this question by timing how long it actually takes to make a simple quilt block from start to finish. With some easy math, there is finally a totally unscientific answer to this age-old question. On your marks, get set, sew!”  [watch-now]

Blocks-A-Go-Go: Twinkling Star
Get ready for this, peeps: Today's block has over 90 pieces in it. Don't freak out! It's actually just simple half-square triangles, but be ready to work small. In this Blocks-a-Go-Go episode of Quilty, spend some time with Mary working with tiny pieces, and learn how to build a pieced half of a larger half-square triangle. Warning: You will totally fall in love with this block. [watch-now] [download PDF instructions]

All About Thread!
Quilty loves all the viewers out there and all our Facebook friends. This episode is for you! We've gotten lots of questions about thread and asked our FB friends to write in with their questions. Alex Veronelli from Aurifill answers the top five juiciest thread questions today on the show. From storage to amount to weight and more, your thread questions are answered on Quilty. Click here and feed your brain, quilters. [watch-now]

This is My Quilt: Special Guest Susan Cramm
Only Quilty brings you the real stories behind the real quilts in people's lives. These stories are the reason why we make quilts, right? Right. On today's episode, Mary talks with sweetheart Susan Cramm of Chicago. Her Double Wedding Ring is a family treasure with history, stories -- and a few flaws that only make it more special. [watch-now]

Mat Lines vs Ruler:Deathmatch!
Some people say you can't use the lines on your rotary cutting mat to measure and cut your fabric. Others say you can. Which is right? Special guest Marianne Fons (PBS's Love of Quilting) joins daughter and Quilty creator Mary Fons to talk about— and demonstrate—rotary cutting methods. There are a lot of ways to cut a piece of fabric, and on today's show, the gals talk you through it. [watch-now]

Hexagon Doll Quilt
Today on Quilty, learn how to do an incredible – and incredibly easy – braid technique. Using a special hexagon ruler, Mary shows you how to get a fabric 'braid' started for a different kind of strippy quilt. The result? Well, the sky's the limit, but the technique is perfect for a little doll quilt. Mary worked with this project on an episode of Love of Quilting and knew she had to bring it to Quilty, too. Join us, won't you? [watch-now]

Reading Fabric
Quilters are like painters -- we work in hue, value, lights and darks, textures and contrast. Knowing how to "read" fabric is essential if you want to create beautiful, dazzling quilts. Mary shows you the difference between a large print and a small one -- they "play" differently, after all. She also goes through a few rounds of "auditions" with various fabrics, showing you her method for figuring out what fabrics look best with other fabrics. If you get stuck on choosing the "right" fabrics for your quilt, you shouldn't miss this episode of Quilty. We'd love to have you join us! [watch-now]

Love, Triangle
Let's talk triangles! Let's talk special rulers! Let's talk derby?? Roller derby, that is! Mary is joined by two Windy City Roller derby girls for this utilitarian lesson on using Fons & Porter's Half-and-Quarter ruler to make half-square triangles. Making triangles is super easy with this ruler that asks you to cut strips first. We can do that, right? Derby girls "Poppy Spock" and "Barbara Brawlters" help Mary and see how triangles can open up whole new worlds in your patchwork -- and the special ruler can help you get the precision you want and need. [watch-now]

"This is My Quilt" with Caitlin Stainken
Welcome to a new series on Quilty! All the instruction, the tools, the tweets, and all the quilting shows are great, but let's not lose sight of the reason behind all of it: the quilts themselves. Quilts are special. Quilts tell stories. People grab quilts before anything else when the house is on fire because quilts are family, friends, and memories. On this inaugural episode of "This is My Quilt," Mary welcomes friend and colleague Caitlin Stainken to talk about a quilt that has held a special place in her family for many years. Live in Chicago? Got a quilt with a great story? Let us know -- maybe your story will be featured on the show! [watch-now]

Attack of the Pre-Fab Quilts!

When is a quilt not really a quilt? When it's made in a factory, of course. Quilty dives into what can often be a controversial area (for many reasons) among quilters in this "fireside chat" episode. Mary compares a "quilt" made mostly by machines and a quilt made by a friend of hers to show the differences between the two. This is an episode to pass along to anyone you know who might be considering buying a quilt instead of making one on their own -- don't let them fall to the dark side! Watch this episode with a cup of tea and your thinking cap on... [watch-now]

Pie 'N' Crust!
Once upon a time, Mary decided she wasn't going to be afraid of curved seams anymore. So she tackled a "Pie N' Crust" block and guess what? It was awesome! There's no reason to be afraid of curved seams. They just take a little time, a little forgiveness, and a few special tools to help get the job done. This episode of Quilty is an absolute must-see for anyone who's ever thought, "Curved seams? I don't think so." Pish-posh. You can do this and Quilty can help. Take 10 minutes and see how. (Warning: Curved seams are addictive.) [watch-now] [download PDF instructions]

Oh, the wide world of quilting supplies! It's a jungle out there for sure. For a beginner quilter, it can seem overwhelming -- and expensive. But there's a list of core supplies that you really do need to make anything remotely resembling a quilt top. Mary takes you through a few different categories of tools on this episode of Quilty. There are tools you have to have, ones you'll want eventually, and a few fun gadgets that you can take your time to acquire. Of course, there's no way Quilty -- or any show -- could go through ALL the tools on the market for quilters today, but we put a dent in the supply universe to help us all out. [watch-now]

Curved Log Cabin
A log cabin quilt is a thing of beauty to behold, and there are as many versions of this classic pattern as there are colors in your scrap basket. On this episode of Quilty, Mary takes you through the making of a block from Blue Underground's "Curved Log Cabin" pattern. Like any log cabin quilt, this is not a tough technique -- it just requires some organization and patience. Learn about cutting strips, sewing "logs" and building this gorgeous optical illusion block by block. [watch-now] [download PDF instructions]

Strippy Quilts
What do you do with all those glorious scraps? Make a strippy quilt! This project is so easy, you don't even need a pattern -- really! Chicago stitcher Shawna joins Mary on Quilty for a lesson in designing a kickin' strippy quilt with some of the beautiful scraps in Mary's scrap bag. A strippy quilt is a great ay to learn design and layout basics and it goes together fast. Joint he fun on Quilty and enjoy being a rookie -- you get to learn all this stuff for the first time! [watch-now]

Blocks-A-Go-Go: Pretty Chain
You've gotten the hang of making a strip set, right? How about working with THREE of them? You can do it and Mary will show you how. On this episode of Quilty, learn how to make a pretty chain block to use as a setting block or on its own. There are several steps, but none of them are too hard for you to get the hang of quickly. Join Mary and the Quilty crew for some fun instruction on a great quilt block. [watch-now] [download PDF instructions]

Hand Quilting vs. Machine Quilting: Part 2, Machine!
It's Part 2 of the great debate! One snowy day in Chicago around Christmastime, Mary invited her celebrity quilt mom, Marianne Fons, over to her apartment to talk about the age-old question: Which is better? Hand quilting or machine quilting? The answer (hint: they're both great for different reasons) may surprise you. Learn how to prepare a quilt for some machine quilting and hang out with the Fons gals ... [watch-now]

Hand Quilting vs. Machine Quilting: Part 1, Hand!
One snowy day in Chicago around Christmastime, Mary invited her celebrity quilt mom, Marianne Fons, over to her apartment to talk about the age-old question: Which is better? Hand quilting or machine quilting? The answer (hint: they're both great for different reasons) may surprise you. Learn how to prepare a quilt for hand quilting and get some professional insight on this great debate. [watch-now]

 Blocks-A-Go-Go: Rolling Stone
It cannot be denied: Quilt blocks are addictive. On this installment of Quilty, Mary shows you, step by step, how to construct a Rolling Stone block — and you'll be hooked instantly. There are no curved edges in this simple block, but the circle that emerges when all the pieces are put together will fool them all! Ha-HA! Learn how to make a "flippy corner" unit and work with strip sets in this fun and highly informative "Blocks-a-Go-Go" episode of Quilty. Then go listen to Bob Dylan while you sew — a perfect afternoon, really. [watch-now] [download PDF instructions]

Bobbin-Part 2
Join Mary in Bobbin Part 2 as she continues to show you how thread travels through typical sewing machines. With a little thread and a little sewing knowledge you'll be sure to create a perfect quilt that you will love! [watch-now]

Bobbin-Part 1
In almost every quilting class, the number one problem isn't the patchwork — it isn't even the cutting — it's the threading. Well, Quilty is determined to help. Watch as Mary threads her Baby Lock and talks about how thread travels through typical sewing machines. Even though your machine may be different than Mary's, this episode will help you find success when you sit down at your sewing area. After all, if you can't get your machine threaded, how will you make all those gorgeous quilts? Watch this one on your phone at your machine — Quilty to the rescue! [watch-now]

What is a Quilt?
'What is batting? Is a quilt the same thing as a blanket? Why do I keep hearing about sandwiches?' These are some of the typical questions asked by newbie or potential quilters when they begin to get curious about quilting. Mary realizes that many freshman quilters couldn't tell you what makes a quilt a quilt, so along with special guest Susan Holton, Mary goes over it all — because there are no stupid questions! Enjoy vibrant examples of patchwork, learn about batting and backing, and leave the episode a more knowledgeable quilter, able to define 'quilt' in a single bound! [watch-now]

Blocks-A-Go-Go: Simple Sawtooth Star -
Stars show up again and again in quiltmaking — they've always been among the most popular motif for quilters (probably because quilters are star material!). This juicy episode of Quilty features Mary making a simple sawtooth star block right before your very eyes. Learn how to make a flying goose unit, and get details on the art of pinning, and watch for a very special, very brief cameo by a rap star. Sort of. It's just another day at the office for Quilty. Join us! Right now! [watch-now] [download PDF instructions]

Kits, Bolts, & Bundles: Buying Fabric at the Quilt Shop
If you've ever had trouble navigating a quilt shop, watch this episode of Quilty before you head back out there. Mary is joined by her good friends Matt and Constance, who learn how fabric is sold at quilt shops, how to determine how much fabric to buy, and how to see all the fabric available and be inspired, not intimidated. Get essential information about kits, yardage, fat quarters, and more on this friendly episode of Quilty -- there's even a cameo by a very special baby in need of a great baby quilt! [watch-now]

Machine Basics
Before you start going crazy with all your quilt plans, it's a good idea to know the basic parts of the power tool known as a sewing machine. From the power switch to the foot pedal, join host Mary Fons as she goes over a typical machine's fundamental features. As always, Quilty is committed to inspiring new quilters and believes in starting at the beginning. Watch this episode with your machine nearby and increase your quilt knowledge instantly. You + Quilty = smart. [watch-now]

Cut It Out
In one of the very first Quilty episodes ever filmed (!) Mary shows her friend and rookie quilter Chloe how to use a rotary cutter when cutting her fabric. Chloe hadn't even seen one before, but she learns -- in one take! -- how to use a rotary cutter to get precise, beautiful pieces for her patchwork. Learn rotary cutting basics, some safety tips, and finally be counted among the rotary cutting quilters of the world with this fun and informative episode. It's really easy! [watch-now]

Fabric 101
The second Quilty episode ever taped features not just one Fons daughter, but two! Rebecca -- the youngest of the Fons quilt mafia -- gets a lesson from her older sister on what kind of fabric is best for quiltmaking. (Hint: It's cotton broadcloth.) The girls go through examples of what's right and what's less-than-right when tackling a quilt project. You'll learn about fabric and enjoy the sisters' repartee in this informative and super fun episode of Quilty. [watch-now]

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