“Dear Quilty” book — call for entries!

Internet postage is pretty! And free.

Internet postage is pretty! And free.

Hi, gang.

I’m working on a neat Quilty book called “Dear Quilty.” Wanna be in it? Okay, here’s the deal.

Quilty’s been existence for four years, now. We’ve grown, we’ve improved, we’ve learned. And we know that you, dear Quilty reader/watcher/quilter have done the same. We know because you write to me (Mary), or Spooly, or Team Quilty in general and you tell us so.

I want to include letters from readers in the book. Because you’re just as important as the shows and the magazine and the whole Quilty “thing.” I mean, without you…we don’t get very far. Besides, Spooly likes the attention.

And so, I’m looking for great letters to Quilty. Shoot for 50-150 words, with images or without, and post them here in a comment field, or, if you’d like more privacy, you can send a message via the Quilty Facebook page or email Mary at mary.fons @ fwmedia .com (no spaces.) Okay? Pictures are great, as long as they’re high-resolution (300dpi or above.) At this time, we’re only doing email or posted comment letters; no regular mail entries.

Just tell Mary, Spooly, and/or the Team how Quilty has affected your life as a quilter. We know for a fact some people are 100% Quilty-taught quilters. Is that you? Tell us about it. Love the show/mag? What is it about the Quilty style that appeals to you? The more specific you can be — and if there’s a funny story that you think is good — all the better. Just telling us  you like the show or the magazine is great (and appreciated), but to make it into the book…your letter’s gotta be extra sparkly.

We’ll get your picture in there. And it’ll be awesome. I can wrangle you a free copy. I’m not sure how many letters can be included, but I’ll gather 20 and then go from there.

Cool? Cool. I look forward to reading your letters!


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1 Colleen Garrison { 07.01.14 at 10:45 pm }

Hi Mary,
What I love about Quilty is that it keeps things simple and interesting! I have been quilting for a long time, but Quilty assures me my points don’t have to be perfect and my patterns don’t have to be complicated. I can make a beautiful quilt that is modern and warm and I can finish it and then make another! Love the patterns!

2 Karen { 07.03.14 at 4:14 pm }

Hi Mary,
I’d been quilting for quite a while, watching your Mom and Liz religiously to learn the basics, and then advanced, traditional quilting techniques.
Then along comes daughter, Mary.
A newbie, I thought?
A whippersnapper teaching me?
Modern Quilting?
Oh no, no, no, I don’t think so.
Well, Mary, you’ve turned my head and introduced me to the world of modern quilting, and even reminded me of basics that I had forgotten.
Kicking and screaming? Oh yeah. But, BRAVO and thank you.

3 Sneha Nirody { 07.13.14 at 6:54 pm }

Oh Quilty. I used to turn up my nose at quilting. I always thought quilts and quilters were frumpy, shabby and chintzy. I always thought brown was a necessary color in a quilt. Yes, I know I was incredibly ignorant. In my defense, I didn’t even own a sewing machine.

But you came along, an innocuous little magazine hanging out at the checkout line, and changed my world. Oh, the colors! The incredible ideas with – gasp – solids!! How was it possible that there were so many gorgeous quilts with no hint of brown or roses? My mind was blown. Then you proceeded to rock my world with every subsequent issue.

I am now working on my second quilt. I am using chintz this time. With you by my side, I know it will look modern and current, and an expression of my personality. I’ve even learned to appreciate the more traditional antique quilts, picking up subtle rhythms and patterns.

Thank you, Dear Quilty. Thanks to you, I am now a quilter.

4 Diana { 07.21.14 at 12:57 am }

Mary, I have watched Fons and Porter for years. I remember when your mom introduced you for (what I believe was) the first time on her show. Boy, have you turned a corner. It makes me happy to see how you have evolved and developed into a wonderful quilter and show host. You address each project as if we are all beginners and take the time to explain every step you are doing. Although I’m only an occasional quilter, your show gives me the confidence to begin new projects. Your personality shines thru and your likableness, coupled with your enthusiasm help me want to quilt more. I especially enjoy the segments with your mother. You and she have a wonderful love and rapport with each other. I wish I personally knew you because we would be pals.

5 mfons { 07.23.14 at 7:08 pm }

You are pretty darned delightful, Sneha. Quilts are lucky to have you. Thank you!! :) Spooly

6 Vicki Holloway { 08.11.14 at 2:09 pm }

Dear Quilty,
I submitted my first contemporary quilt to you to be considered for publication in your magazine. Being published, has literally changed my life. I went from being a middle aged empty nest quilter making other people’s quilts and longarming for my friends to a confident woman who has found her quilting voice. I have been able to expand my skills using tips and techniques online, I learn every week on Qnn as well as reading you faithfully!!! Your magazine and staff have helped me so much. I love quilting and I am making quilts now that reflect that. Thank you. And my husband is still very cool with the longarm machine being in our bedroom. He understands now, with the help of your magazine, that most quilters are just like me, totally obsessed!!!

Vicki Holloway

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