Windham, Well-Played

I was going through a stack of fabric cards this morning and saw this totally great print from Windham. It’s coming out in August and was designed by Whistler Studios. While I’m not typically a novelty-prints fan, I gotta say: “Quilt Girl” is really neat and I’m going to have to nab a bit of it.

"Quilt Girl" by Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics

We’re working on the Sep/Oct ’13 issue of Quilty and in my editor’s letter, I talk about how big the quilt world is and how there’s room for everyone. I love how all the different fabric companies have different flavors, different missions, different artists working under their respective canopies. I can go to Fabric Co. X for this particular thing and to Fabric Company Y for this other thing because for me, they do that thing better than anyone.

Nice work, Windham. Quilt Girl to the rescue!

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1 Laurie { 07.21.13 at 12:37 am }

I agree that it is awesome that we have so much variety to choose from. I love mixing and matching fabrics from various designers and manufacturers- they all sing together in the final product!

I find a lot of novelty fabrics hard to walk away from- some are so unique and fun, I think I might never see anything like them again.

2 Sarah Schraw { 07.21.13 at 3:47 pm }

That’s really funny! I think it’d be perfect to use to make something for a friend who quilts or for your own sewing area.

3 Karen { 07.29.13 at 10:21 pm }

This looks like a perfect fabric for tote bags for my quilting friends.

4 Barbara { 08.07.13 at 9:35 pm }

Looks like amust have just to have

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