New Issue! Yesssssss!!!! :: fist pump ::

It’s here, it’s here!

We got’cher Rookie Speaks, we got’cher Longarm Love, we got’cher 14 PROJECTS!!!, we got’cher Inspiration, LOOT, M.A.M.Q., juicy articles and tips — we gotch’er Spooly, too!

It’s the May/Jun 2013 issue of Quilty magazine, folks, and it’s yours for a song. We love being your favorite quilting magazine and hope to see you carrying around this latest, greatest issue wherever you go. Hopefully, that path will lead you to your sewing machine eventually, but we know you’re busy. You’ll get there.



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1 Lauren { 05.07.13 at 9:31 pm }

Yeah! I was anxiously awaiting the newest issue. I’ve enjoyed all of the past ones and love the online show. Keep up the good work!

2 Anne { 05.08.13 at 3:44 am }

Just picked up the last issue today. Now I need to go find this one. : )
Keep up the good work. Someday I hope to submit a quilt design for you to consider.

3 Vicki Holloway { 05.09.13 at 3:33 pm }

Swoon!!! I love this one !!!

4 ruth { 05.09.13 at 8:24 pm }

I can’t wait to get it :)

5 Cruz { 05.10.13 at 2:42 am }

I purchased your last two issues at Wal-mart, but don”t see the lastest issue on their magazine racks!

6 Angela { 05.11.13 at 2:47 am }

Yay! I can’t wait to check out this new issue!
Have a great weekend!

7 Amanda { 05.13.13 at 3:07 pm }

@Cruz I am in the same boat as you! I am hoping it’s just late getting to my town (state? I checked in other towns without luck too!) this time, because otherwise I am up a creek :S

8 LINDA CATLEGE { 05.15.13 at 8:18 pm }

I so glad the Fons & Porter are back on my PBS station. I love my Saturday mornings with you.

9 Ann Allender { 05.16.13 at 1:56 am }

would like information about subscription to Quilty Magazine. Thanks. Ann

10 Sheryl Wilshusen { 05.17.13 at 1:59 pm }

I just saw the May/June issue of Quilty and bought it, read it and LUVED it! Where can I subscribe? The website is awsome with the videos. I can now fit learning and sewing into my life on my timetable! Am so Excited!

11 Jan { 05.19.13 at 5:58 am }

Off to the store I must go! Thanks to Quilty I’ve started quilting again. Finished my first quilt 15 years ago. tomorrow I finish my second! I fell in love with Ebony’s “Electrified Fans” and decided to make it as a retirement quilt for a co-worker. Everyone signed one of the white triangles with best wishes. thnx Mary & everyone at Quilty for the encouragement!

12 Gloria Johnson { 05.22.13 at 8:51 am }

Is it possible to get a Quilty subscription sent to Australia? The magazine is awsome, but hard to get here.

13 Deborah Mazerolle { 06.11.13 at 7:32 pm }

When will we receive the next issue of Easy Quilts as part of the subscription.


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