Quilty Magazine Submission Guidelines

Interested in submitting your quilt to Quilty magazine? Great! Before you send in a picture of your latest and greatest, please read these submission guidelines and tips. They will give you a better idea of what we're looking for, what we're not looking for, how the process works, and how to best present your quilt for consideration.

The Perfect Quilty Quilt:

... is an original, previously unpublished design of your very own. (See below for info regarding rights, etc.)

... is something a newer or beginner quilter can tackle. We publish 1-2 more challenging quilts per issue, but our focus is the beginner. If your quilt involves advanced skills (e.g., 400 diamond set-ins, intricate hand applique, etc.) there are magazines better suited to you. We want to help beginner quilters where they are. Think like a newer quilter -- not a dull, simplistic, boring one, just a newer one. You can do a lot with basics.

... is chic. Stylish. Hot. These words mean different things to people, but Quilty's aesthetic is a fresh, contemporary, and yes, "modern" one. We like bright colors, neutrals, block-based quilts, quilts with personality to spare. We're not interested in: "country" style, "blended" quilts, quilts that rely heavily on novelty fabrics, religious-themed quilts, or miniature quilts.

...is your best effort, maybe ever. Craftsmanship counts. Design matters. Execution, from patchwork to quilting to binding, is paramount. Our photos are in high resolution and that means these babies have to look good. No one is perfect, including us, but if the workmanship isn't there, we have to take a pass on an even brilliantly designed quilt.

Rights and perks

Rights: If we publish your quilt in Quilty magazine, we will own the rights to it for one year. That means you can't publish it on your blog or sell the pattern for it for a year. This is pretty standard for the industry and of course all the details are in the contract you (and we) sign if we use your work. But that's the essence of the agreement.

Perks: You are paid for your quilt. We photograph your stunning quilt professionally, give it the royal treatment. We write all the instructions. We treat your quilt with care and return it to you as soon as the magazine issue goes to the printer. Dealing with your precious work is our business, so your quilt is in good hands.


  • Don't send more than 1 quilt per email. 
  • Be patient. It takes time to get to all these masterpieces!
  • Magazines work in the future. It's likely that the next 2-3 issues of the magazine are already planned out, quilt-wise. If we like your quilt, we'll likely slate it to appear in Quilty 6 months from now. Not always, but that's a time-frame to keep in mind. 
  • Good pictures can make or break your pitch. For an excellent article about how to photograph your quilt, check this out from the Modern Quilt Guild.

Ready to submit?

1. Photograph your quilt. If you're sending a sketch, scan it.

2. Email your name, your picture(s) and/or sketch, the quilt size, fabric choice, a word or two (if you like) about the quilt, and your contact info to: Diane@HeyQuilty.com.

3. If your quilt is accepted, you will need to send in a personal bio and rough instructions of the quilt, so make sure you take notes as you create the quilt.

4. Start a new quilt!

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