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Quilty is an online quilting program provided to Quilter's Club of America, Fons & Porter, and, with episodes on YouTube.

To learn a bit more about the projects, products, and guest featured on Quilty, click on the Episodes link at the top of this page. Patterns and web extras are there to download or watch, and made available when each show airs.

Quilty is hosted by Mary Fons, a passionate quilter and current co-host of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting airing nationally on PBS. With style, humor, and great instruction, Quilty focuses each 6-10 minute episode on fundamental quilting knowledge, skills, and/or technique. Some shows, called "Blocks-A-Go-Go" episodes, Mary shows you how to make beautiful quilt blocks, step-by-step. Other episodes feature lessons, like how to thread your machine or tell the difference between a fabric's bias and straight-of-grain. Guests include beginner quilters, quilting experts, and other surprise personalities.  No matter what, attention is always paid to the fundamentals of quilting so that true beginners as well as the more "junior varsity" among us can follow (and be inspired by) the show.

Quilty was born out of Mary's desire to see high-quality, approachable quilting instruction for true rookies. Since most first-timers or near-first-timers who desire to make a quilt start their research online, Mary knew the show had to reach these newbies where they were: On the Internet. Quilty aims to ignite passion for the American quilt by showing anyone with 6-10 minutes how simple, meditative, creative, and rewarding making a quilt can be.

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